Manuel Jodar Asesores is a consolidated firm of SOLICITORS AND FISCAL ADVISORS in the costs of Murcia and Almeria. We are independent professionals with 35 years of expertise having grown to be the most reputable firm in the area. Our department for foreigners opened in 2003 and since them we have given a wide range of services trying to cover any needs you can have when travelling and investing in a new country.


Interest of seller and buyers are not always aligned. It is important to appoint a qualified, independent Solicitor who will guide you throught the hall process making it as smooth and simple as possible. Our consolidated experience over the Spanish real estate market, allow us to supply both purchasers and vendors all relevant data to take well informed and timely decisions at every stage of the property transfer.

  • Assistance with application for foreigner ID(NIE)

This is a compulsory doccument to carry out any tax payment in Spain issued by the police


Updated Abstract proving ownership and any charges or encumbrances against the property.

  • Checking urban legal condition of real estate properties.
  • Sales agreement legal assessment and signature on behalf of the client.
  • Assistance with opening bank account and payment of interim sums.
  • Workout of the final purchase price including all costs.
  • Preparation of draft tittle deed.
  • Notary assistance for completion:
    · Tax settlement.
    · Ownership’s writing down at the Land Registry and town hall.

To sum up: We smooth the full process for the client till the actual handing over of the keys.


You can give us authorization to carry all the process in your behalf. This document has to be signed either in a Notary in Spain or in your nearest consulate or Notary in your country.


We act in the client’s behalf before the Spanish credit institutions and entities for the most adequate conversion of their foreign economic means, either for investment purposes or in financial aids applications.

  • Mortgage application.
  • Research and Advice on the Different Financial and investing options Available.
  • Subsidies and/or Grants Application.
  • Feasibility Projects.

We don’t just only guide you through the initial bureaucracies when entering Spain, but also follow-up how your circumstances develop in time to supply customized solutions.

  • Fiscal Obligations of Non-residents in Spain.
  • NIE application.
  • Residency matters.
  • Avoidance of double taxation.
  • Setting-up of Spanish bank account.
  • Assistance with payment of council tax IBI, or supplies.
  • Changes in town hall or Catastro.
  • Plusvalía calculation and payment.
  • Setting home insurance.
  • New building works legalization and coordination with arquitect.
  • Real Estate valuation for fiscal purposes.
  • Energy certificate.
  • Official translations.
  • Authorization of documents. We deal with The Hague apostille for legalizing foreign documents to be used in Spain.

Inheriting assets that are located in Spain can be a difficult process if you are unsure of how Spanish probate and succession law operates. Whether you are named in a Will or you believe that you are entitled to a share of the deceased’s estate, it is important to obtain independent legal advice in order to realize any interest that you may have. Spanish inheritance law offers British citizens the possibility for their estate to benefit from the «free disposition» principle, as well as enabling advantageous tax treatments if requisites are met.

  • Spanish Wills implementation.
  • Testacy and intestacy situations.
  • Application for certificates (death, last will , life insurances).
  • Aplication for last will.
  • Assets inventory.
  • Partition of a succession and goods allocation.
  • Tax calculation optimization and payment (inheritance, plusvalía, etc..).

Under Spanish tax self-assessment common criterion, it’s quite easy for foreigners to lose track of their liabilities, hence our commitment to keep clients up-to-date by means of periodical reminders.

  • Non Resident Tax calculation and submission.

Changing Fiscal residency from a foreign country.

  • Audit and Follow-up of Fiscal Obligations.
  • Complaints and Appeals.
  • Legal Representation and Assistance before Tax Authorities.

Our specialized team members should be glad to assess you on the Spanish company law possibilities for turning your business project into a sustainable company.

  • Business Incorporation and Follow-upof Legal and Fiscal obligations.
  • Business Organizational & Reorganizational Design.
  • Accountancy and compliance with companies fiscal obligations.

Our company is inclusive of a specific department where to supply with comprehensive advice for either self-employed professionals or businesses of any size. Anything from contract drafting, pay-slips or social security queries.

  • Workforce Planning Assistance.
  • Corporate & Employee’s Legal Representation and Assistance.
  • Personnel Training.
  • Personnel Recruitment & Vetting.

We help clients implementing either public or privathealth ecover to match their sanitary needs in Spain, and also search for safe and profitable financial products to make the most of their income.

  • Health Cover survey.
  • Efficiency reports on worldwide income taxation.
  • Investment portfolios.
  • Life insurances.


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Our main goal is to provide our customers with the necessary research and planning so as to help them make the right decisions. The secret to our success? Quite simply, to always work towards customer satisfaction, our ultimate alm and best reward.